in-the-woods-1in-the-woods-2in-the-woods-3in-the-woods-4in-the-woods-5in-the-woods-6in-the-woods-7in-the-woods-8in-the-woods-9in-the-woods-10in-the-woods-11in-the-woods-12in-the-woods-13in-the-woods-14One of my favorite parts about visiting Oregon is going into the wilderness. It only takes a 15 minute drive to escape the noise and busyness of town. The trees aren’t quite as big as the Redwoods [from the drive up] but just as beautiful. My brother-in-law, niece, and nephew go up into the trees just about every weekend. My sisters and I got to tag along over the holiday weekend and hang amongst the pines and crisp air. We got a fire going, ate some PB&J’s, climbed a couple trees, and my niece and nephew built a pretty cool teepee. You’ve probably also noticed the over usage of my orange jacket throughout my travels in the US. It has been an absolute life saver. I am usually pretty picky about my purchases and lets be real.. we all want to own Patagonia or The North Face. Because that somehow makes you a much more legit outdoors person or something. But I scored this down feather jacket before I left New York at an American Eagle believe it or not! Twenty dollars.. that’s it! Twenty dollars. The best twenty dollars I spent this year. My body temperature thanks me thoroughly. Unfortunately I just found a burn hole with feathers oozing out. A product of red hot ash from woodsy fire making and stuff. Good thing it wasn’t Patagonia. Whew.

In the Oregon woods.