Nowadays.. an adventure is never complete without a little proof [with the exception of super epic adventures you don't want people to know about.. hehe.] I don't usually shoot a lot of video [mostly because I never get around to editing anything] but thought it would be kind of fun to put together a little sumthin' sumthin'. 

And I've actually never shot video/photos of myself surfing with a camera attached to the nose of my board before. It's been done a million times.. but now that I have the FLIR FX camera it was easy for me to try it out. Kind of weird to see yourself from that perspective. I really gotta work on my stiff arms. Haha.

I still trip out on this company and the camera's they produce. I mean, my little project with them is peanuts compared to the kinds of badass things other people are doing with their cameras. Firefighters use them for goodness sakes! You should check out all the FLIR camera systems. No joke. They didn't pay me to say that. I only recently checked it out.. and dang! They've got all these crazy thermal and infrared cameras for gnarly activities. Not your average day at the beach. Hah. But I'm happy to break into surfing [because you can use it in the water with the new sports water case!]

Chasing Waves.. in motion. 


Video/Edit by: Tyler Rock + Tara Binek, Footage provided by: FLIR FX, Music By: Alabama Shakes